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Metal roofing and zinc roofing in particular is what the visionary architectural designers of today are choosing for their roofing and façade solutions.

Metal roofing is flexible and durable and combines creativity and sound engineering principles. Into this dynamic environment comes VM Zinc, a versatile material which has been used in Europe for nearly two centuries. Today, VM Zinc is also being utilized in the North American Architectural market.

Zinc roofing allows you the freedom to create masterpieces of Architecture that previously were only possible in dreams. VM Zinc is easily the best metal roofing solution, as it is a widely available and malleable material with more flexibility than other metallic building products. With it, even the most complex roofing designs can be realized.

For over 160 years VM ZINC has been providing innovative building solutions for architects and contractors around the world. At Umicore Building Products, we are totally committed to your success in applying versatile and durable solutions with the remarkable material.

Rocky Mountain Architectural Metals, Inc. is the authorized representative for Umicore Building Products, VM ZINC. The company has 10 years experience in the sales and installation of Zinc roofing materials. We are able to help in the design process with architects and builders as well.

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