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History of VM Zinc -- Zinc Metal Roofing

VM Zinc History

metal roofingFor over 160 years VM ZINC has been providing innovative building solutions for architects and roofing contractors around the world. At Umicore Building Products, we are totally committed to your success in applying versatile and durable solutions with this remarkable material.

The home market of Umicore Building Products is in Paris, France. It is here, that using zinc as a building material first started. In the 1800's Baron Hausmann was commissioned by Napoleon III to rebuild Paris and he utilized zinc extensively.

Today 85% of all roofs in Paris utilize zinc. The vast majority of architects and property owners rely on the experience of this durable material.

Umicore Building Products markets our materials throughout the world under the brand VM ZINC" We work with industrial partners to optimize our products for any local need. If you are working on international projects, Umicore Building Products is the perfect choice since we have offices and strategic partners worldwide.

Durable and Versatile Roofing Systems

zinc roofing
Museum: Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark.
Architects: Boje Lundgaard & Lene Tranberg

With VM ZINC, if you can imagine it, it can be realized. This versatile material is so malleable nd flexible it answers virtually every architectural demand and provides solutions that other metallic roofing materials cannot.

VM ZINC' is an excellent choice from aesthetic and engineering perspectives, and is also a sound business decision. Zinc is exceptionally durable and corrosion resistant. It offers life spans that cannot be achieved with most other roofing materials.


90 - 100 years in rural areas*
40 - 70 years on the coast*
30 - 40 years in heavy industrialized areas*

In addition, VM ZINCO is a low maintenance material. There is no need for coatings such as paint or varnish that need to be reapplied at regular intervals.

VM ZINC can be provided in a variety of forms for all applications. It can be pre-formed and delivered ready to install at the building site or provided in sheets or coils and shaped during installation. Whether you need an economic preformed solution, or a tailor-made product, our engineers will work with you to answer any questions and ensure successful implementation.

*Assuming of course the material is properly installed. The variation in years is due to the atmospheric conditions at the installation site. This does not constitute a warranty, implied or otherwise.

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