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Zinc as a Building Material

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Batton roof used on dome of IMAX theater in Madrid, Spain. Architect: Jordi Querol Piera

Zinc as a building material is relatively new in North America. It has been used for centuries in Europe and we have been there since its introduction. The durability, flexibility, and malleability of this metal makes it a great material to enhance and expand the creativity of the architects utilizing it in their designs.

Because of our longevity utilizing zinc, Umicore Building Products has solutions to almost any problem that may arise. We are not afraid to address issues openly. The simple fact is that zinc is not complicated to work with. It has exceptional popularity in Europe, due to its many positive aspects. As with all things, the secret is knowledge.

We are providing you this website, to familiarize yourself with using zinc. We encourage you to read this website thoroughly and even visit the VM Zinc Website, but our commitment does not stop there. We highly recommend that you consider Umicore Building Products as a source of information and as a safety factor in the success of your project. We welcome you to utilize us throughout the development of your project.

Umicore Building Products is your bridge to over a century of experience with this material. Our expertise in this field is second to none. We are constantly developing techniques to improve our product. Umicore Building Products is far more than just a supplier. We strive to make your final product an exceptional success.

Available Craftmanship

metal roofing materialsWhen creating an architectural masterpiece, the skills of experienced contractors are an essential element. Of course the amount of craftsmanship necessary depends on the techniques selected. Techniques referred to as "traditional", demand the highest level of expertise, therefore, the installers have to be well educated.

Rocky Mountain Architectural Metals, Inc. is the authorized representative for Umicore Building Products, VM ZINC. The company has 10 years experience in the sales and installation of Zinc roofing materials. We are able to help in the design process with architects and builders as well.

The Malleability of Zinc

zinc roofing
Wax Museum, San Francisco, California, USA.
Architects: MBH Architects

A distinct advantage of VM ZINC is its malleability. The inherent softness of the material and its ductility allows it to be shaped into almost any form.

The continuous electrolytic process and the additives of titanium and copper have improved the ductility and the creep resistance of the metal. Because VM ZINC' is so malleable there are limits regarding the flatness of the metal and some pillowing may occur.

The aesthetic appearance of pillowing using light guage sheet metal has been used in architectural design with growing popularity. Projects such as the new Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain is a prime example. In many cases the condition of the substrate contributes or exacerbates the aesthetic irregularity of a wall or roof. Because all light gauge metals expand and contract, it is important to note that restrictions on the ability of metal to move can also contribute to excessive pillowing.

The following may reduce the aesthetic anomalies of newly installed material:

  • Use darker material, such as ANTHRA-ZINCO or QUARTZ-ZINCO instead of natural zinc. The darker the material, the less reflection of light. This does not actually reduce the pillowing but it will help minimize its visibility.

  • Allow for expansion and contraction of the roof by utilizing VM Zinc sliding clips for fixing the metal.

  • Use narrower panels (see recommendations of Umicore Building Products.)

  • Use thicker VM ZINC. However remember, that thicker material is equivalent to laying more zinc per square foot and therefore has a higher cost. Also thicker materials may be more complicated to work with when traditional the techniques are applied. In general consider 0.7 mm for roof applications and 1.0 mm for wall applications.

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